Kaela May // Moon Wolf Apothecary

Energetic Herbal Healing & Returning to Right Relationship


Clinical Energetic Herbalist

I am a practicing energetic herbalist and am available for in person or distance healing sessions. I hope to help communities and humans find healing through deep and meaningful work with plant medicine. My practice is rooted in energetic herbalism; if this sparks an interest in you, connect with me. Sharing my work brings great joy. I have also studied; Ayurvedic Nutrition, Ashtanga yoga, restorative yoga, the medicine wheel, reiki, and psychology. I fuse all of my trainings and knowledge so you have a session that will meet your personal and specific needs.

Part of my soul is still nestled in the mountains of Northern California in a small town called Fort Jones, where I deepened my relationship to the land and plants. Now, I am in Brooklyn working to build community, share the healing power of the plants, and help return humankind to right relationship with the earth.  

I am grounded.
My Spirit is grounded deep in the earth.
I am calm, strong, centered and peaceful.
I am able to let go of fear and trust
that I am eternally safe.
I am worthy of all things beautiful


Cultivate Yourself

The time is now. You have the power to begin a new and recreate yourself. We're constantly evolving and growing. Rebirth is always accessible. Connecting with your inner realm, energy flow, patterns, and your emotional being can help you access your most balanced self. Allow nature to support you. Call on the plants to support you on your ever evolving journey to your power place. Tune in and turn to the Earth.

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