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Energetic Herbal Healing & Returning to Right Relationship

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Kaela May is a certified clinical energetic herbalist and owner of moon wolf apothecary, whose mission is to guide people back to their ability to heal and to help their body, mind, and spirit return to balance. She believes deeply in the wisdom of the plants and their ability to facilitate your journey to knowing yourself intimately. Her knowledge is deeply rooted in the plants and how their energy will coexist with your own. She has spent years studying and connecting to herbs through her three year apprenticeship with Robin Rose Bennett, and most recently attending the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes. Energetic herbalism at its core is utilizing not just the physical properties of plants, but also their vibrational and energetic medicine to culminate a whole and integrative path to healing. Her focus with clients is to look at all aspects of life and everything that could be contributing to current imbalances and to help achieve re-alignment with your true self. (whatever that may be in that moment, because we know it's constantly evolving) Much of the out of balance patterns we reinforce in our lives stem from surviving traumas experienced throughout life, ancestral traumas, life choices, and circumstance. These can show up in various ways such as, but certainly not limited to acute or chronic physical imbalances, emotional imbalances, and spiritual imbalances. Kaela works with you to connect with what may be contributing to your imbalances and how to heal with support in a safe space. Working with the plants and consistent support helps create patterns that help you access your own strength and personal power. After an in depth intake and comprehensive consultation you receive a hand blended and personalized herbal formula to work with. Kaela’s intention is to provide preventive herbal health care utilizing plant medicine along with animal medicine, earth medicine, and energetic assessment. She operates from a place of harm reduction; honoring all beings and their inherent right to heal.

Specializations include… healing emotional, spiritual, and physical traumas, acute & chronic physical imbalances, recognizing harmful patterns and how to create shifts for personal growth, harm reductionist approach, energetic medicine making, working with vibrational essences for healing, healing through relationship to place. Realistic approach to lifestyle changes utilizing herbs & practices that nourish your nervous system, improve sleep, cultivate a balanced digestive system, and bring mental clarity and focus. From 1:1 consultations, small group teachings, large scale workshops, corporate office wellness (classes, day clinics, tea bar set up, etc.), crisis herbal care at all kinds of events, Full herbal tent set-up at large multiple day events, and more. Kaela’s mission it to serve the community at large and share the benefits of herbal healing.

If you're interested in working with Kaela and have questions you can reach out at

kaelamayherbal@gmail.com // moonwolfapothecary@gmail.com

Exchange: I am committed to making herbal medicine accessible, if you feel called to work with me and need to discuss financial adjustment options, don’t hesitate to reach out. No one will be turned away. Your initial consultation includes a personalized formulation at no additional charge.

Initial intake & consultation (two hours) - contact for exchange

Follow through sessions (1 hour) - contact for exchange

solo hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park

solo hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park