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Energetic Herbal Healing & Returning to Right Relationship


Energetic Herbal Healing

You're feeling called to work with plants, you're looking to achieve more balance within yourself and your life.  Maybe you've discovered something going on for you physically, spiritually, or emotionally and you're craving support. Choosing to work with an herbalist is a an integrative way to approach your health. As an herbalist I only act as guide to help you access your healing with the deep holding and powerful assistance of the herbs. My focus with clients is to look at all aspects of your life and everything that could be contributing to your current imbalances and to help you re-align with your true self (whatever that may be in that moment, because we know it's constantly evolving!!!)  I implore a variety of modalities including; energetic herbalism, yoga, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda, working with the moon, and creating patterns that help you access your own strength and personal power. 

Its important to know that in order to fully achieve a place of healing you must show up, be present, and do the work. As your herbalist I can guide you and help you access the support of the plants that can open up channels of healing, but it is really you who must make these shifts and accept the call to action. This is vital to your success and development as you are the only one who can facilitate true movement towards balance. In declaring this you can claim your power and know you are the one bringing this profound connective change into your life. Of course, the plants are incredible supporters, pushers, and holders for this transformation, but the goal is for you to find your way to your power place so you can develop a deeper sense of intimacy with yourself and your life. 

at Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine in Nor Cal

at Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine in Nor Cal

Initial Consultation // intake & first connection

The first session will consist of a two hour intake that will cover in depth assessment of the body's systems, lifestyle, personal history, and also include a close look at what brought you reach out for the help of an herbalist and the plants. Its important to stay present and allow whatever needs to flow to flow. If at all possible, try and schedule this when you wont have to rush off to something right after, its important to give yourself some time to integrate in whatever way you need. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to set up a session! Your own personalized herbal formula and protocol is included. 

Follow through sessions 

Essentially these are follow up session, but personally I like the language of follow through. As you work with plants they will open spaces for healing in your body, mind, and spirit. Sharing the process and tracking progress can be really beneficial. Its important to know that healing is NOT linear. Its quite rare to just move forward as that is just something thats been cultivated in our modern society. Time is not linear and therefore your journey to self and your path in life will ebb, flow, and move in spirals. I will hold space for you to expand into whatever arises and we will discuss how your relating to your herbal formula and re-assess how its speaking to you and moving in your body. These sessions can occur as frequently as every two weeks, but can also be every four to six weeks. Touch base communication (email, etc.) between sessions will be discussed per client, but I am always present for you and your healing process.

Among the Usnea laiden trees of the Salmon River in Nor Cal

Among the Usnea laiden trees of the Salmon River in Nor Cal


Herbal & Wellness Education

Sharing teachings about the earth, herbal healing, and emotional healing are passions of mine and I would be honored to share. If you have a small or large group of people who are interested in learning about plants, herbs, and such please reach out! Classes range from herbalism 101, herbal medicine making series, how to love yourself: raw & real and more. I offer corporate wellness if your place of employment would be interested in wellness classes. I run the herbal program at Devi Collective in Brooklyn which is a space dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs, this space is also the home of my company Moon Wolf Apothecary. I regularly teach offerings at Devi Collective in Brooklyn, The Alchemist's Kitchen in the LES of Manhattan, other healing spaces in the NYC / NY area and also do pop up events as well. I love to share my passion with others and always infuse play and humor so you'll be sure to leave with a lot of new information and entertainment!